Gerard Marull Paretas


Working experience

Ingenia Motion Control

Ingenia is a company dedicated to the science of motion control. They design and produce off-the-shelf and customized solutions to answer the industry need for increasingly complex, high-tech motion control applications. Some of the projects I usually work are:

  • Development of brand-new multiplatform libraries (e.g. serial/CAN communications, CANopen stack, motion control, etc.)
  • Motion control applications (e.g. Google gimbal, XY two-axis board, synchronous motion, etc.)

Imagination Technologies

Part of the PowerVR group. Firmware and driver development.


Part of the platform team in the Sports division. Developed drivers for core components of the watch, designed and implemented sensor calibration algorithms and assisted production in China.


Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Five-year degree (BSc and MSc) focused on both electronics and software engineering. Course scope included antennas and microwaves theory, signal processing techniques, statistics and stochastic processes, communication systems design and software engineering.

Got an overall mark of 8.41/10 (position 9 of 152) and received a Recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Master thesis

Entitled Development of a multi-channel SAR simulator for open-oceans: OASIS, was done at DLR (German Aerospace Center) under the supervision of Paco Lopez-Dekker. Co-authored the conference paper ATI and GMTI Performance Analysis of Post-Sentinel-1 SAR Systems based on Simulations using OASIS


Embedded Linux kernel and driver development

Get familiar with device driver development for the Linux kernel.


Urbiotica, S.L.

Evaluated the performance of the 169 MHz band in urban areas for Smart Cities applications.

ICFO (Institute Of Photonic Sciences)

Designed and produced electronic circuits for high speed laser communications and other general purpose control circuitry. Supervised by Marc Jofre (PhD student at the optoelectronics group).

RS-LAB, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Configured UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for radar measurements, developed an antenna tracker and worked on SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image processing (W-Band). Supervised by professor Dr. Albert Aguasca Sole.

Skills and competences

Languages and libraries

Extensive experience with C and Python (including Numpy, SciPy and Matplotlib). Non-trivial experience with MATLAB, C++ and bash scripting. Some experience with MPI (Message Passing Interface), Linux Kernel drivers and Qt/PyQt GUI Toolkit.

Development tools

Vim and Tmux enthusiastic. Worked many years using SCM systems including Perforce, GIT and SVN. Experience configuring complex multiplatform projects with CMake. Familiar with continuous integration. Configured a distributed build and test system using Jenkins for multiple groups. Experience with Doxygen and Sphinx documentation systems. Also familiar writing in LaTeX.

Embedded systems

Extensive experience with Atmel AVR and ARM Cortex M4 (Atmel SAM family) Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. Written drivers for multiple peripherals including SPI, I2C, DMA, GPIO, PWM, UART, EEPROM, Flash as well as interface APIs for sensors (e.g. accelerometer, compass, heart-rate sensor, LCD, etc.). Worked on both bare metal and RTOS.


Experience using POSIX APIs. Experience writing MISRA C 2012 compliant code (verification with PC-Lint). Experience with CANopen (CiA-301, 305, 402). Some experience with EtherCAT.

Web technologies

Some experience with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, including Canvas and responsive designs. Familiar with Jekyll, and Wordpress publishing platforms.

Electronics and RF

Extensive experience with EagleCAD PCB design tool. Familiar with schematics. Some experience with Agilent ADS and Ansys HFSS RF design tools.

Algorithms, maths and physics

Motion control applications, sensor calibration algorithms (accelerometer and compass using sphere-fitting methods), ocean surface modelling, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) systems, signal processing, electromagnetic modelling.

Magnetometer calibration

Personal projects

Meteotek08: Meteorological Sounding Balloon

Designed a meteorological sounding balloon capable of logging basic atmosphere parameters and taking photographs up to 100 kft.

  • First prize, INJUVE, XXII Certamen Jovenes Investigadores (Technology and Engineering branch)
  • First prize, CIRIT 2009 (Technology branch)
  • Best Engineering project, San Viator School and Carlos III University of Madrid prizes
  • Nov. 2009, Google headquarters, Madrid
  • Nov. 2009, Deusto Emprende, Univ. of Deusto
  • Nov. 2009, Infonomia Re' 09, Barcelona
  • Nov. 2009, Aeronautics week, Barcelona
  • Oct. 2009, Science week at Univ. Foundation of Bages, Manresa
  • Mar. 2009, Mundial Theater, La Bisbal d'Emporda

Openplayer: design and construction of a portable music player

Designed a portable music player including both the circuitry design and firmware programming.

  • First prize, INJUVE, XXI Certamen Jovenes Investigadores (Technology and Engineering branch)
  • First prize, Pompeu Fabra University, II Prize for high school projects in Engineering and Applied Mathematics
  • First prize, EPSON Foundation, Jose Cantero Prizes (Technology branch)
  • First prize, University of Vic, High school project prized (Technology and Science branch)
  • First prize, La Salle University, Innovation and Engineering prizes (Technology branch)
  • First prize, Ramon Llull University, High school project prizes (Technology branch)
  • Second prize, National Don Bosco Prize to research and technological innovation



  • Catalan, Spanish: Mother tongues.
  • English: Professional working proficiency.


  • Awarded the Balsells Fellowship to pursue graduate studies at the University of California Irvine during the '15-'16 academic year (widthdrawn, did not meet expectations).


  • B class driving license.