Below you will find some examples of projects that we have realized. Our customer profile varies from consumer applications to industrial applications, and their locations are from as near as Barcelona to as far as the United States. You may also check our GitHub profile.


  • Open-source and multiplatform C and Pythonlibraries for communications and motion control.
  • Development of frontend applications for Point-Of-Sale devices.
  • Full software solution for portable waterproofing stations: device drivers, management website, management API, etc.
  • Hybrid network deployment (Cloud + On-site) including VPN tunnel, Active Directory services, Wireless AP, etc.

Testing and automation

  • Automated hardware testing platform (signal measurement/generation, I2C/GPIO actuation, integration with CI system, etc. -all done in Python-)
  • Deployment of Jenkins server and slaves on Amazon Cloud.
  • `

Data acquisition and signal processing

  • Configured UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for radar measurements, developed an antenna tracker and worked on SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image processing (W-Band).
  • Designed and produced electronic circuits for high speed laser communications and other general purpose control circuitry.

  • Evaluated the performance of the 169 MHz band in urban areas for Smart Cities applications.
  • Development of a multi-channel SAR simulator for open-oceans

Other personal projects

Meteotek08: Meteorological Sounding Balloon

Designed a meteorological sounding balloon capable of logging basic atmosphere parameters and taking photographs up to 100 kft. Received first prizes from INJUVE, CIRIT (Generalitat de Catalunya) and Carlos III University of Madrid. Gave conferences about the project at Google headquarters in Madrid, Deusto University, Infonomia Re'09 and Barcelona Aeronautics week.

Openplayer: design and construction of a portable music player

Designed a portable music player including both the circuitry design and firmware programming. Received first prizes from Pompeu Fabra University, EPSON Foundation, University of Vic, La Salle University, Ramon Llull University and second fromNational Don Bosco Prize.