6-Channel Oscilloscope

A 6-channel oscilloscope with standalone datalogger for measuring equipment control signals. Scope server runs on embedded Linux and client is a multiplatform application for real-time visualization and data analysis.

Connected PoS Solution

Collaboration with the development of a modern connected PoS solution, including: terminal frontend application, backend API design, peripherals configuration and setup, etc.

Open Source Motion Control Libraries

Open source motion control library including: device detection and monitoring, precise register polling, position/velocity/torque control, etc. Base library is multiplatform and written in pure C. A native Python library is also provided for easy prototyping.

Magnetometer Calibration and Orientation Estimation

Algorithm for magnetometer calibration and estimation of orientation angles (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) using a magnetometer and an accelerometer.


Our passion for Engineering comes from our younghood, when projects such as the Meteotek08 sounding balloon or the MP3 player Openplayer were developed.